Chris Packham: Forever Punk

BBC4 - 60” (2020)

The environmentalist reveals how, as a teenager with undiagnosed Asperger's, punk rock may have saved his life. By giving him a purpose, he was able to harness his creativity, which led to him becoming a TV presenter with a determination to champion wildlife.

Chris sets out to question both himself and other former punks who, like him, rocked against racism, fought for gay rights and caused their parents untold grief, to discover if the values they all believed in still hold true today.

"What makes the documentary fascinating is that Packham explains everything from his youthful anger to his affiliation with Extinction Rebellion — whom he sees as the true inheritors of the punk spirit — through his condition." 
- The Times

"When Johnny Rotten snarled “No Future” at the close of “God Save the Queen” he can hardly have imagined its relevance for a burning planet more than four decades later… Packham firmly rebuts it: "There is a future and England needs to dream.”"
- The Financial Times (Pick Of The Week)

Director & Producer: Adrian Sibley
Executive Producers: James Hunt & John Cassy
Directors of Photography: Doug Hartington & Sam Al-Kadhi
Editor: Steve Miller