Chris Packham: Is it Time to Break the Law?

Channel 4 - 52’ (2023)

This deeply personal film follows naturalist Chris Packham as he considers whether or not it is ethically acceptable to break the law, to protest against government policies on climate change. He meets activists who believe mass civil disobedience is necessary to force policy change, one of whom tries to persuade Chris to join them and be imprisoned to inspire others. And he meets radical environmentalist Andreas Malm, who believes that more extreme, violent action against property like blowing up oil pipelines is now necessary as well as the most famous young activist Greta Thunberg. Finally, Chris makes up his own mind about what he thinks is justified to combat the climate crisis.

A Proper Content production for Channel 4

"There is one obvious reason to hope he doesn’t get himself sent to jail: it would stop him making programmes as honest, as challenging and as urgently relevant as this... ...the bravest, most anguished TV of the year."
***** - The Guardian

"Opening with a shot of Chris Packham's face slicked with oil, this provocative but deeply thoughtful documentary follows the presenter as he wrestles with the limits of his climate activism." 
- The Sunday Times (Documentary of the Week)

"In this hugely pressing documentary he asks whether it is now ethically OK to break the law to protest against government policies on the climate crisis."
- The Observer (Pick of the Day)

" should spark conversations and considerations among those who watch - and furore among those who inevitably refuse to do so."
- The Financial Times

Director: Adrian Sibley
Executive Producer: David Dehaney
Camera: Joe Cooper, Hugh Campbell, Graham Smith, Lee Sutterby, Paul Wood-Walker & Matthew Gormley
Editor: Drew Hill