Joanna Lumley Meets

BBC 1 - 60’ (2014)

Joanna Lumley is on a mission to get to know the elusive, eccentric front man of the Black Eyed Peas, She travels to Los Angeles to spend time with The Voice judge in his home town. Over dinner with the family she bonds with his mother, who takes her through Will's childhood.Joanna learns how the boy who could not keep still made it out of his tough neighbourhood to achieve global success, and is now able to count President Obama as a friend. She gets to discover the real, fascinated with creating the future and eager to give back. She is swept up in his hectic world but finally manages to get to the heart of what makes him tick.

"It's hard to think of two people who would make stranger bedfellows but what's brilliant about this documentary is that both parties could independently hold your attention. In many ways you wish most interviews could be done like this... it's done so well you hope this will become the norm." 
- The Times

Narrator: Rupert Everett
Presenter: Joanna Lumley
Director & Producer: Adrian Sibley
Executive Producers: Mark Wells & Steve Lappin
Director of Photography: Neil Harvey
Editor: Jay Taylor