The Movie Brats, Take Two 

BBC 2 - 60’ (2006)

Something interesting seems to be happening in American cinema, with a new group of maverick American directors led by Steven Soderbergh and Quentin Tarantino having emerged to revitalise Hollywood. They include directors such as Wes Anderson, Alexander Payne and David O Russell. In this episode of the BBC Arts series Imagine Alan Yentob meets them and asks how they managed to radicalise American cinema with Hollywood backing.

"... tonight's fascinating look at the supposed 'Sundance' generation of movie directors. These interviews range from the entertaining (anything involving the quirky Anderson) through the fascinating (Pierce on her experiences making Boys Don't Cry) to the honest (Payne on his experience within the studio system during Election.)... this is an involving, interesting programme regardless of what you think of either the films or their makers."

- The Observer

Presenter: Alan Yentob
Director & Producer: Adrian Sibley
Executive Producer: Janet Lee
Director of Photography: Bill Megalos
Editor: Jules Cornell