The Peculiar Memories of Bruce Robinson

Channel 4 - 60’ (1999)

British writer Bruce Robinson made one of the UK's greatest comedies Withnail & I, which has become the ultimate cult classic, and also wrote the powerful war film The Killing Fields. He also produced a remarkable novel called The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman which drew heavily from his own unhappy childhood. For this documentary Bruce returns to his hometown of Broadstairs in Kent where he relives his claustrophobic past and uncovers long hidden secrets that have made him the unique, if underrated, talent he is.

"An in depth and intriguing profile of one of the true bad boys of British cinema... A real treat."
- The Big Issue

“A hugely revealing portrait that will cause fans to look at Withnail & I differently.”
- Time Out

Directed & Produced by: Adrian Sibley
Executive Producer: Paul Kerr
Director of Photography: Matt Grey
Editor: James Gold
Composer: Martin Phipps