The Show Must Go On

BBC 2 - 60’ (2001)

The Show Must Go On follows the Australian director of Strictly Ballroom and Romeo + Juliet around the world selling Moulin Rouge, a risky attempt to reinvent the musical. Travelling non-stop through good and bad reviews, jetlag and illness, Baz relentlessly campaigns to get his film to the widest audience possible culminating in the make or break US box office opening weekend.

WINNER: BAFTA for Best Editing

"This is a hugely enjoyable fly-in-the-limo doc... you learn a lot about the living hell that is promoting a movie." 
- The Daily Telegraph

"The fascinating BBC documentary The Show Must Go On offers some vital lessons for wannabee filmmakers... Luhrmann is a fascinating and compulsive documentary subject."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"Sibley's zippy cutting, stylish lensing and occasional cheeky interventions... this is a study of the man in action... it's pretty much textbook stuff".

- Time Out

Director & Producer: Adrian Sibley
Executive producer: Basil Comely
Directors of Photography: Rob Goldie, Bill Megalos & Adrian Sibley
Editor: Anna Ksiezopolska
Additional Editor: Chris King